Preventive Care & Dental Cleanings in Cedar Park, TX and the Austin Area

Looking for advanced, comprehensive dental care in Cedar Park, TX and the Austin area? Look no further than Dr. Azi and her expert team! In addition to our comprehensive range of orthodontic, periodontic, and restorative services, we maintain a commitment to delivering state-of-the-art preventive dentistry. We take a proactive approach to your dental care so you can smile confidently and enjoy life to the fullest.

Dr. Azi smiling with a happy patient after her dental cleaningWe don't just treat dental problems; we prevent them from occurring in the first place. Smile in Style's preventive care and dental cleanings near Cedar Park, TX, are delivered with your optimal comfort and best oral health in mind!

Why Choose Smile in Style?

Our dedication to your well-being goes beyond your regular dental visits. We invest in advanced technologies that empower us to keep you healthy between appointments. With 3D digital x-rays, intraoral and extraoral cameras, digital cavity detection, and state-of-the-art intraoral scanners, we'll detect potential oral health concerns as early as possible.

We're also open on Saturdays, so your smile can get the care it needs, around your busy schedule! We offer the following preventive care services at our Cedar Park, TX dental office:

Professional Teeth Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings are essential for maintaining oral health and preventing disease. Dr. Azi advises patients to have cleanings at least twice a year or more frequently if needed. During these cleanings, our team utilizes advanced dental tools to remove plaque and polish the teeth, restoring their natural shine. In some cases, fluoride treatment may be recommended to strengthen the teeth further.

Nightguards For TMJ Pain

Dr. Azi and some of the Smile in Style staffDr. Azi offers custom-made night guards for patients who suffer from teeth grinding (bruxism) and experience related issues such as headaches and TMJ pain.

Our night guards help correct tooth grinding and prevent further damage, preserving the health of the teeth. Dr. Azi also specializes in treating bite-related headaches, utilizing orthotics and advanced treatments to address concerns related to bite function.

Mouthguards For Athletics

Protecting your smile is crucial, especially if you participate in sports. Our customized athletic mouthguards seamlessly provide superior teeth protection and can even help prevent concussions. By investing in a well-fitting mouthguard, you can ensure the safety of your teeth during physical activity.

Restore your smile's vitality today and call Smile in Style now to reserve your appointment!

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