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Meet Dr. Azi

Dr. Azi of Smile in StyleDr. Azi (Azadeh Amin Eslami) is a sought-after orthodontic and periodontic specialist who is also proud to call herself a “Smile in Style artist,” as she has cultivated a great passion for her profession for the past 20 years.

Dr. Azi’s love of Texas (her father is a UT graduate), warm weather, and nature brought her to Austin, where she opened her private office in the Lakeline area of North Austin. Prior to this, she worked at multiple North and South Austin locations as an orthodontist and periodontist associate. Not only is she top-rated in her field, but Dr. Azi is also possibly the only female dual specialist in orthodontics as well as periodontics in the nation. With this unique expertise and experience, patients in Dr. Azi’s office can be confident that they will be receiving the most precise multi-interdisciplinary treatment.

Dr. Azi honors the uniqueness and personality of each person and understands that every face and every smile is different. Dr. Azi’s fun and outgoing personality has allowed her to connect with people from different backgrounds more easily, may it be patients, colleagues, or team members. She is proud to be shaping the future of the profession by staying active within her professional/dental associations.

When she’s not creating unique stylish smiles, Dr. Azi enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors, especially with her family, which includes her husband, Maz, and two sons and a daughter. Her hobbies include swimming, playing tennis, skiing, and reading.

Why Choose Dr. Azi?

Dr. Azi and her team are committed to affording the most welcoming patient care, and to doing so in a private practice setting conveniently located in Cedar Park, TX. She uses state-of-the art dental equipment, technology, and techniques in fully enclosed and private treatment rooms to establish a warm patient-doctor relationship, to respect patient privacy, and to enhance public health, making it a unique office in its category!

Dr. Azi has a unique training background with degrees in orthodontics as well as periodontics, thereby having the expertise to create beautiful smiles that are built on healthy gums. In fact, she is currently likely the only female dual-specialist in those two fields in the Cedar Park area, and the one-stop approach to wellness is convenient.

  • INTEGRITY — Integrity and upholding high ethical standards are two of Dr. Azi’s core values.
  • CERTIFIED SPECIALIST — Dr. Azi is certified in orthodontics and periodontics in addition to being a dentist.
  • MULTILINGUAL — Dr. Azi is fluent in English, German, and Farsi, and conversant in French and Spanish.
  • AWARD WINNING DENTIST — She is the recipient of numerous awards, including one for “best provider” (orthodontist) in 2019 from a nationwide dental service organization.

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